No club near you or an overseas caver?
If there is not a club in the region where you live, or you are from overseas then contact our membership coordinator.

Membership Terms

Terms and Conditions
• Fees are due from 1 September each year. •Members will receive a full year’s set of publications if they join before March 1st. •For new members only, half the normal fee applies from 1 March to 30 June. •If a new member joins in July or August their subscription also covers the whole of the following year. •Family membership does not apply to non-relationship flatmates or adult siblings. •NZSS publications are sent to single and publication members only. •Donations made to the NZSS Search & Rescue or Conservation funds are used only for those funds. •Privacy Act: Information NZSS collects about members is for the purposes of the NZSS dealing with those members. •Members are entitled to reasonable access to and correction of information held about them. •Unless stated by you, publishing of your membership details for the purposes such as NZSS and/or group membership lists, (paper or electronic), will be deemed as accepted. •NZSS and your caving group may provide copies of the membership list, (paper or electronic) to Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre, Department of Conservation, and other entities deemed as appropriate.
Life Membership
Life Membership of the Society can be conferred on a member of the Society by Council in recognition of meritorious achievement in caving at a national level.
Membership Criteria
Any person can be a member of the Society. New members usually join one of the affiliated groups and pay an annual group membership fee that includes the Society subscription of $35. All members of affiliated caving groups are members of the Society.