Local caving groups throughout New Zealand

Auckland Speleo Group

North Island, New Zealand

We are an enthusiastic group of cavers exploring caves all around New Zealand. At Waitomo we have our own historic farmhouse with magnificent and spectacular views overlooking the Waitomo Valley.

The club runs a variety of trips, catering for all abilities from beginners upwards in terms of both general caving and rope skills. From almost dry walk-through caves to challenging vertical systems with waterfalls and rope descents, we visit all the caves that New Zealand has to offer. We also meet monthly at different venues around Auckland.

Hamilton Tomo Group

North Island, New Zealand

HTG is one of the oldest caving clubs in New Zealand and has been actively exploring the caves of Waitomo and the rest of New Zealand and the World  since 1949. The club has a large hut conveniently located just outside the village of Waitomo Caves in the west of the North Island and about 40 minutes south of Hamilton. From here it’s possible to explore the hundreds of caves located in the district. Which have provided HTG members the chance to find and explore new and previously un-surveyed caves for the past 50 years. Even now more are steadily being found each year. 

Manawatu Speleological Group

North Island, New Zealand

We are a small but active club based in Palmerston North, with members also in the Wairarapa. We are affiliated to the New Zealand Speleological Society (NZSS). The subs we pay include MSG ($5) and NZSS membership ($35).

We meet every fourth Monday of each month usually around 6.00pm although this can vary according to the activity. Meetings in the past have included pot-luck teas, slide or video shows, single-rope technique practice (abseiling and rope ascending ) and social outings. Business affairs usually take a back seat at the meetings.

Wellington Caving Group

North Island, New Zealand

The Wellington Caving Group welcomes new members.

The Wellington Caving Group are a friendly bunch of underground enthusiasts who organise regular caving trips, interspersed from time to time by bicycle, kayaking, and tramping trips. The group has a regular monthly meeting, and runs training events from time to time.

If you are interested please attend one of our meeting or contact one of our committee members.


Nelson Speleological Group

South Island, New Zealand

Welcome to the Nelson Speleological Group (NSG). We are a caving club situated in Nelson, New Zealand that now has over 90 active members.

 We are blessed with arguably the most exciting and challenging caves in the country, including some that are of worldwide significance. Come join us and be part of some of the last true exploration of our country.

Canterbury Caving Group

South Island, New Zealand

Formed in 1968, Canterbury Caving Group has 50 members, whose activities are focussed on the Punakaiki-Charleston area of the West Coast, as well as the marble areas of Nelson. Meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. We also usually run an SRT practice/training on the following Friday.