NZSS History


On 1 October 1949, the Society came into existence. It had one member, Mr Henry G. Lambert, who was declared President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor of the NZSS Bulletin.

At that time very little was known about caves in New Zealand. Information was gleaned from Borough Councils, Museums, University geologists, Geological Survey and private people. The Society was set up to collate this information and make it available to earnest enquirers to stimulate further exploration and to add to this knowledge.

A month after the Society came into existence Judd Davey joined, and since then membership has increased steadily. There are currently about 300 members.

Early Days

In the Society's early days, it was very much based on Auckland and activities were limited to the Auckland and Waikato regions. Before long, a strong core of active cavers developed in the Waikato, particularly at Hamilton and Waitomo.

During the 1960s, caving clubs were formed in Wellington, Nelson, and Christchurch, and these became affiliated to the Society, gradually extending its influence across the country. Nowadays, most caving activity is at Waitomo, Mahoenui (North Taranaki), north-west Nelson, and north Westland. The Society's structure reflects is broad geographical base, though most of the membership resides in the northern North Island, and northern South Island.

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