NZSS Photographic Competition 2011

Each year the Society holds a photographic competition, to stimulate interest in cave photography. This is judged just prior to the Annual General Meeting. There are four sections: prints, novice, artistic, and slide show, all counting towards the NZSS Trophy.

Rules Applying to all Sections:

(Note: These 2011 Rules are now superseded by Occasional Publication #20, to be found at

  1. Only financial members of NZSS may enter.
  2. All entries to be in the hands of the Competition coordinator by the end of the Friday two weeks prior to the Friday of the weekend in which the NZSS Annual General Meeting is to be held. This year the closing date is Friday 14th October.
  3. The trophies and cups always remain the property of NZSS and must remain in New Zealand.
  4. Lighting for all photographs must have been directed by the entrant but processing by others is permitted.
  5. No photograph gaining any award may be entered again.
  6. Photographic entries to be a cave or a caving scene.
  7. Participation shall constitute automatic consent to reproduce the winning images in the NZSS bulletin or website, without charge or notice, but with due credit.
    Note this does not constitute any loss of copyright by the owner.
  8. Any photograph can only be entered in one section.
  9. Each section shall have three levels of awards:
    1. Honours - a photograph displaying a high degree of skill, artistic quality and impact;
    2. Merit - a photograph which does not attain Honours level but does have some outstanding qualities;
    3. Acceptance - a photograph of a standard sufficiently high to warrant acceptance for exhibition.
  10. Each section shall have an award for the photograph of the highest standard. This year the award will be money, except the novice section where one NZSS membership for the new financial year will be awarded.
  11. Each section needs to have three financial members enter to make that section live. If the section is not live, then the prize is void for that section of the competition, but award points will still be allocated and count towards the NZSS Trophy.
  12. The competition will be judged by a member of the the Photographic Society of New Zealand.
  13. Members may enter three photographs per section.
  14. The Photo Competition Coordinator is not allowed to enter the competition..
  15. Entries may be either e-mailed as attachments or sent by mail.
    • E-mailed entries must not exceed 1MB per photo. They will be printed on photo quality paper in 200mm * 150mm (8” * 6”) size and will be mounted on plain card.
    • Postal entries must be packed securely in re-useable packaging for return delivery.

Addresses for sending entries are

The Overall Photo Competition Co-ordinator 2011 is Alice Shanks and the Judge will be appointed shortly. Entries close Friday October 14th 2011.

  1. Send printed photographs, waterproof wrapped, via courier or post, to:
    Alice Shanks
    80 Colombo Street
    Christchurch 8023
    Contacts: ph 03 337 1256 or alice [snail] caverock [period] net [period] nz
  2. Send email entries to: alice [snail] caverock [period] net [period] nz

Return postage will be paid by NZSS.

The Photo Competition coordinator will take all reasonable care of entries, but will not accept responsibility for any LOSS or DAMAGE. ** Entrants should arrange their own insurance if required.

  • Entries will be returned after the NZSS AGM, 22nd October 2011.

NZSS Photographic Competition Categories

Pybus Cup for Black & White/Colour Prints

  1. All entries must have the title of the photograph on the reverse side of the print.
  2. The print may be up to 400mm x 500mm and should be mounted.

Prints may be either film or digital. Digital prints must not be modified except as might be expected in a commercial printing environment.

Novice Cup for Slides or Black & White / Colour Prints

This section is to encourage those who are new to cave photography.

  1. Anyone who has previously won NZSS photographic award or an experienced photographer shall not be eligible to compete for this cup.
  2. All print entries must be titled on the reverse of the print.
  3. Slide entries are to be labeled as per the slide rules.
  4. Prints may be of any size up to 400mm x 500mm and should be mounted.

Artistic/ Modified / Fantasy

  1. All entries must have the title of the photograph on the reverse side of the print.
  2. The print may be up to 400mm x 500mm and should be mounted.

Prints may be either film or digital. All prints may be modified as the photographer desires.

Slide show

Compiled using PictureShow 4, Powerpoint, Impress, Proshow, Photostory 3, or similar suitable software.

  1. Must not exceed five minutes in duration
  2. All entries must be either on DVD or Memory Stick, or may be emailed if under 2MB.

NZSS Trophy

The trophy will be awarded to the photographer attaining the highest aggregated points obtained from all the sections that they have entered, using the following points:

All sections except Slide Show

Winner3 points
Acceptance1 point

Slide show

Winner3 points
Acceptance2 points
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