2.2.Bazaar Distributed Version Control System

A distributed version control system that helps you track project history over time and to collaborate easily with others.

Bazaar Web Site

Download from http://bazaar.canonical.com/

Make sure you install the Tortoise Bazaar shell as well as the Bazaar Explorer GUI.


Michael and Bruce have used Stable Release 2.5.1 for Windows extensively (2010-2018), however Beta release 2.6b1 seems to solve occasional bugs encountered. Unfortunately it introduces other bugs.  Nothing we haven't managed to work around however.

Here is a nice introduction to the concepts. Don't be put off by the DOS style examples. The actual software has a nice simple GUI for most operating system platforms. http://bzrinit.com/

Why Bazaar? Isn't it dying?

June 2014: Well maybe. It's decline with respect to Mercurial and Git is making me nervous. These recent posts reassure me on my original basis for choosing bazaar, and give me tentative reassurance that it is still a good choice as far as minimising the mental overhead for non-technical users.

April 2018: Bazaar is working well still, but unless development continues, we need to consider migrating to other platforms.

Projects Managed with Bazaar

  • Awakino, North Island
  • Aorere, Northwest Nelson
  • Charleston, West Coast
  • Flora Tablelands, Northwest Nelson
  • Mt Arthur (some caves exclusively bazaar, based on outdated duplicate of original dataset, which is otherwise managed)
  • Mt Owen (parts of Bulmer exclusively bazaar, based on outdated duplicate of original dataset, which is otherwise managed)
  • Megamania, Northwest Nelson
  • Richmond Ranges, Nelson
  • Riuwaka Catchment, Takaka Hill, Northwest Nelson
  • Pohara Caves, Northwest Nelson
  • Takaka Valley, Northwest Nelson

More details are available to NZSS members on the Bazaar Repositories page.

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Last updated on April 30, 2020
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