3.1.Bulmer Cavern, Mt Owen

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Custodians and key players:

Mapping: Lindsay Main, Marcus Thomas


Survey and mapping is managed by the custodians.  Some data resides in our Bazaar Repository

Finished maps can be accessed from the Members Web Portal.  Head to the South Island - search terms Bulmer, Bohemia.

Software applications used include OnStation (until 2009), Adobe Illustrator, Therion TerrainTool PocketTopo SMAPS

Raw survey notes and sketches held by the custodians.  Some Bohemia data is held in ...South Island/_Survey Notes


CAVES Exploring New Zealand's Underground Wilderness Marcus Thomas & Neil Silverwood 2017 includes a chapter on the Mt Owen System

The South Park climb 12:38 Kieran Mckay

Once again Beneath the Mountains 2018 36:16 Kieran Mckay

Introducing a Solo project in Cullifords Cave 6:54 Kieran Mckay
Cullifords Part 2 6.26  Kieran Mckay

Bulmer 2017 11:48 Kieran Mckay

Beneath the Mountains 2016 37:03 Kieran Mckay

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Last updated on April 30, 2020
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