3.2.Ellis, Stormy Pot, Nettlebed, Mt Arthur

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Custodians and key players:

Mapping: Jonathan Ravens


Survey and mapping is managed by the custodians.  Some data resides in our Bazaar Repository

Finished maps can be accessed from the Members Web Portal.  Head to the South Island/Mt Arthur (Ellis, Stormy Pot, Nettlebed, Pearse), Northwest Nelson - search terms Ellis, Nettlebed, Stormy, Arthur, Blackbird, HH, Stormy Pot, Windrift and more.

Software applications used include CSP, Therion

Raw survey notes and sketches held by the custodians.  Some information, such as pitch lists, is held in .../Data-Mt Arthur


Windrift 2016 9:54 Kieran Mckay

Deep, The Story of Stormy Pot 2013 35:02 Kieran Mckay

Two Days to Softrock Cafe 1984 46:40  Documentary by Ian Taylor, Paul Donovan, Tim Williams

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Last updated on April 30, 2020
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