3.4.Laauoleola Cave, Samoa

Auckland Speleo Group (ASG) was approached by TRC Consultants, working on behalf of NZ Ministry of Foreign affairs and Trade (MFAT) to explore and map a lava cave in the A'opo region on the island of Savaii, Samoa with a view to local eco-tourism.   Just over 5 km of passage was surveyed on their initial trip in May 2019.  Read all about it in the ESRI StoryMap in the media section below.

Lava stream, Laauoleola Cave, Samoa

Custodians and key players:

Project Manager: Murray Wilson

Mapping: Paul Rowe (Therion), Karl Burt (ESRI)

Supporting organisations:

  • MFAT
  • NZ Aid
  • TRC Consultants (Alistair Henchman)


Survey and mapping information is managed by Paul and Karl on behalf of NZSS

Finished maps can be accessed from the Members Web Portal.  Head to Samoa - search term(s) Laauoleola

Software applications used include Therion, Gimp, ESRI ArcMap

Raw survey notes and sketches will be held in ...Samoa_Survey Notes


Laauoleola Cave, Samoa May 2019 – The Auckland Speleo Group (New Zealand) ESRI StoryMap by Karl Burt 6 Oct 2019 (In the Members Web Portal, head to Maps Samoa - search term(s) Laauoleola)

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Last updated on April 30, 2020
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