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Dropbox File Repository - Survey Pad Paper - Never Tear Paper - DistoX2 checklist

NZSS Dropbox File Repository

The NZSS file repository contains many documents of interest to NZSS members.  A few of them relevant to surveying are discussed and can be accessed via the public links in the 'Projects' section above.

NZSS Survey Pad Paper

In case you don't use a computer or phone to collect survey data yet. Download the attached files below. Two flavours, one has the traditional 5mm grid and the other a high tech 2mm grid. Designed to print double sided on waterproof (Never Tear) paper, then be trimmed, glued in pads and hole punched. Make sure the surface to be glued is scored first, else the pages will likely fall out. If you want a pre-made pad, contact the NZSS Maps Officer. 

NZSS survey paper 5mm grid (public)

NZSS survey paper 2mm grid (public)

Never Tear Paper

Never Tear paper is good for printing maps to take into the cave. Make sure you 'laser print', not photocopy. If you photocopy, the toner chips off in the cave. It is waterproof, can be drawn on both sides, with pen or pencil, above and below water and makes a good laser target. It comes in the following weights; 

95 microns  light  cave survey pads, cave proof maps 
145 microns  medium  for cave maps you can stand on 
195 microns  heavy   
270 microns  too heavy  business card weight 

Fuji Xerox product code 003R98056 packs of 100.  Another source of Never Tear paper 

Only print what you need - it is plastic after all, and we have enough of that...

DistoX2 Checklist

DistoX2 display

If you use a DistoX2 as described on the PocketTopo page, then you need this DistoX2 Quick Reference 

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Last updated on April 30, 2020
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