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On this page; general information about hosted projects

The data hosted on behalf of NZSS is not in the public domain, and is provided for use of NZSS members only.  Copyright rests with the authors and with NZSS.  Please respect this by not providing access to non-NZSS members. 

The data does not comprise maps or representations, rather it is the input or source code from which maps may be generated if you have the appropriate software and skills.
Backups are taken for disaster recovery only. Routine recovery of lost data is the responsibility of the owner;
distributed version control should be sufficient for this purpose, (along with the considered appointment of rights). 

Version Control System (VCS) Etiquette 


  • Use plain text and image files 
  • Keep image file size to a minimum. jpg and png scanned to 100dpi is good for Therion background images unless there is special reason for higher resolution 
  • Add descriptive commit messages. Update the message as you work, rather than waiting until commit time to try to remember what and why you did 
  • Keep your unadulterated trunk stored locally. This enables you to work offline with other users, and ensures we can recover the project if the central server goes down 
  • Submit changes to one of the project owners for review, rather than pushing direct to the central online repository 


  • Don’t add binary files such as exe, MS Word doc or rtf, MS Excel xls. These cannot be stored and tracked efficiently by vcs 
  • Don't add unnecessary files. Make use of ignore files in each project to ensure your vcs does not store output or system files  (ie .bzrignore, .hgignore, .gitignore as appropriate) 
  • Try not to use tiff files 

British Cave Registry Data Archive 

...and just to show you how others are doing it, slightly more publicly than we are, and using the Subversion version control system.
http://cave-registry.org.uk/  Survex and Therion cave survey and map source data in the UK 

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