A new approach to cave surveying by Stacho Mudrak and Martin Budaj. Centrelines AND

Therion Web Sites

https://therion.speleo.sk/  Overview

https://therion.speleo.sk/wiki/  wiki
https://therion.speleo.sk/wiki/skillen Synopsis of Therion's features

Installation notes

Go to the Therion Download page  and install.

  1. Therion for Windows (is best if you are a Windows user!)
  2. Peruse the Therion Book  (It's a reference manual so don't expect to learn Therion from this).
    As far as centrelines go, Therion is reasonably consistent with Survex. Centreline commands are described more fully in the Survex documentation. https://survex.com/docs.html
  3. For guidance on using Therion visit the Therion wiki or more specifically for the way Bruce and Michael have been using it Data Organisation  on organising your data.

Related Applications

Inkscape NotePad++ PocketTopo TerrainTool Therion TopoDroid Survex

Projects that use Therion

Almost all of them!

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Last updated on April 30, 2020
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