TopoDroid is an advanced Android application for cave surveying.  It will run on your phone or a tablet, and is best used in conjunction with a modified Leica Disto X310 (making it a DistoX2 to cavers).  TopoDroid is free, but you must buy your own disto, upgrade kit and computing device. Sets new standards for DistoX2 interaction, however complicated to use, and not well posed for use with Therion, despite adopting Therion's drawing paradigm.


  • Better DistoX calibration management and analysis
  • View the entire cave or just the current survey trip
  • Auto detection of bad shots (magnetic anomaly or shaking the device)
  • Nice display palette (dark theme)
  • Android devices are readily available (models with a precise stylus required, such as Samsung Note 3 or 4)

TopoDroid Web Sites

Download from Google Play Store

TopoDroid page.

Comparison of TopoDroid with similar applications.  Therion In Cave Mapping wiki page.

DistoX, TopoDroid and Therion wiki page.


DistoX2 Quick Reference

Some TopoDroid and DistoX2 ‘How to’ videos by Derek Bristol

Related Applications


Projects that use TopoDroid

King Country, Awakino projects.


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Last updated on April 30, 2020
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