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The New Zealand Speleological Society's "Mission" is:

  • To be the national speleological body
  • To conserve caves and karst
  • To represent the interests of its members


  • The collection and appropriate dissemination of information on caves, karst and caving
  • Advocating conservation and awareness to cave owners and managers
  • Negotiating access to caves for members
  • The promotion of safe cave use
  • Operating a national cave search and rescue system
  • Encouraging cave users to join NZSS
  • Monitoring the effects of cave use


  • Education and training
  • Development and assessment of techniques and equipment
  • Liaison with other groups and agencies
  • Exploration and study of caves

The New Zealand Speleological Society is a national organisation of people who are interested in matters to do with caves and caving. The Society's members, officers, and affiliated clubs, organise both exploration and recreational trips to caves throughout New Zealand (and occasionally overseas). Caves are explored and surveyed, and the information gathered is disseminated through the Society's publications, and stored in its archives.

The Society's membership comprises mainly the members of affiliated clubs, who are obliged to join the Society as a condition of the club's affiliation. There are also a number of members, especially in areas remote from caves or from population centres, who belong to the Society directly without participation in any local club.

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