Council members and contributors

Chris Whitehouse
NZSS President

I joined the NZSS council so that I can help steer the future of caving, protect caves and encourage people to enjoy this sport as safely as possible. It is an honour to be part of such a passionate organisation that has such an awe inspiring environment to play in.
Chris Cheer
Business Manager | 027 328 4397

I became Business Manager (treasurer) after having too much wine at an NZSS AGM barbecue. My day job is IT Manager at a charitable financial institution. Many years ago I was treasurer for WCG and VC (Victoria University caving club).

Arvid Hunze
Secretary | 021 082 10184

I started caving around 5 years ago, mainly in NZ, but also a little bit in Germany.
It became quickly my favorite activity and I try to spend as much time as possible underground.
In the beginning I was mainly intrigued by the combination of physical and psychological challenge but after my first real cave exploration here in NZ this aspect became another main driver. The beauty of the otherworldly underground realm and the science aspects of caving are other factors keeping me fascinated.
I especially love NZ caving for its exploration potential which is often set in a spectacular outdoor environment and it’s close knit, friendly and tolerant community.
Chris Whitehouse
Training & Safety Coordinator 

Caving for me started in 2008 and soon became an obsession which has lead to many adventures. Within a few months I went from relatively simple daytrips in the caves of Waitomo to multi day expeditions into Bulmer Cavern. This steep learning curve continued and I soon became interested in the technical rigging side of caving which in turn lead to the world of vertical rope rescue. I am regularly in the hills looking for and exploring caves and jump at the chance to take people on adventures and teach them the skills so that they can look after themselves.

Ian Millar
Research & Conservation Coordinator | (03) 546 3147

I started caving when an old school friend invited me on a trip during my first year at university. The trip was to Makuri in the Wairarapa and we found a ‘new’ cave: very short but involving quite a large amount of water that entered from a too tight side passage and disappeared into a terminal sump. I found the exploration aspect exciting and where the water came from and went to intriguing. I have been involved in caving off and on for over 40 years since then. I studied animal ecology at uni so naturally got interested in cave-adapted species and how they survive and thrive in a lightless, resource-limited environment.

I worked for the Department of Conservation in Nelson for 25 years, first on wildlife and then specifically on rare/threatened invertebrates.  I managed to get cave management included into my job descriptions, so have had an active interest in both cave fauna and cave conservation issues.

Although caving hurts a lot more than it used to, I can still get geared up at the prospect of a new find or the possibility of looking for cave fauna in a new karst area.
Lindsay Main
Information Officer | 03 337 1256

I started caving quite a while ago and have been involved in a lot of cave exploration, particularly in Bulmer Cavern, and at Charleston on the West Coast. Previously I’ve held the same NZSS positions, so I haven’t made much progress in the past 20 years.

Recently NZSS has been building up the online information repository, and I’m keen to support and increase this approach. The key project now is to collect information on South Island caves and make this available to NZSS members through a secure website. I’m also interested in the possibility of NZSS eventually owning the land that contains some of our major caves that are currently on private land.
Justin Hall
SAR Coordinator | 021 0271 0837

Bio to come soon.......
Robert Martelletti
Membership Coordinator | 06 354 2088

I started caving at the age of 16 by joining the Taranaki Caving Club. After 40 years of caving, I am still scared of heights, tight places and don’t mind the dark if I have not seen a horror movie for several months. I then became a member of the Manawatu Speleological Group and increased my diversity in karst areas and my waist line I am generally very quiet and rather difficult to extract a conversation from, however this has not prevented me from dedicating time to a Society that has benefited me so much over the years.
Marcus Thomas
Bulletin Editor 
Bruce Mutton
South Island Maps Officer 
John McLaren
North Island Maps Officer 
Ben Davidson
Webmaster & Technical | 027 370 7958

Lindsay Main
Tomo Times Editor | 03 337 1256